Natalie wears a different HAT as a composer, lyricist and music producer. she finds joy in writing for projects and bringing her clients visions to life!

Natalie’s love for music extends to her active involvement in musical theatre. Natalie was the lyricist for the multi-million dollar magic spectacular, Incanto, held at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore as well as the lyricist and co-writer for the new Hollywood Dreams Parade Theme Song at Universal Studios Singapore.

Natalie also writes children's music. She has written for children's musicals and recently composed, arranged, recorded and produced 60 songs for a drama school's music and movement lessons. Natalie wrote a racial harmony day song for the Singapore Discovery Centre. She also co-wrote Fullout The Musical, a local dance film, and composed for a London-based musical, Excess Baggage while pursuing her undergraduate studies at the London School of Economics.



  • Co-writer, Hollywood Dreams Parade, Universal Studios Singapore (watch below)
  • Lyricist, Incanto, Resorts World Singapore
  • Music Team, Lightseeker, Resorts World Singapore

Hollywood Dreams Parade theme song at Universal Studios Singapore, co-written by Natalie Hiong and Jonichiro. Song from 6min onwards!

Portfolio of children's song

Composer, arranger, producer, recording engineer, musician and singer


past work - LyricS

Incanto, Resorts World sentosa, Singapore. 

Lyrics by Natalie Hiong

The walls are trembling, the wind's howling
The stars in the skies are fading
Like ghosts in the shadows
The moon turns to stone
I'm a long way from home

Every step I take, I flounder
In a world so untrue, there's such wonder
But how does a girl conquer all of her fears
When searching for truth in the dark

Catch me, I’m falling
Where do I go from here?

Wake me, am I dreaming?
Hope amongst these tears

My heart holds my dark desires
But my mind yearns for more than the answers
I’ll bury the pain and the unspoken dreams
In search for the truth beyond me



Eyes open wide
The wonders of this charmed life
I'm hypnotized, but I see the light
Stirring within me this trove of emotion
Unravel my deepest illusions

Incanto dreams
Light the flame and set my spirit free

Enchanted dreams
Unleash the power deep inside of me

Now that I've seen
The strength that dwells in me

No holding back
I'll step into the light

The time has come
For me to bid farewell
Your heart in mine forever now spellbound
I've watched this journey unfold
I won't leave these stories untold

Incanto Dreams
Light the flame and set my spirit free

Enchanted Dreams
Unleash the power deep inside of me

Incanto Dreams
Just look within

Enchanted Dreams
They can make you believe